April: Odaishi-mairi Festival お大師さん
From Kurii Port - - No bus service
This festival is held on the memorial of the death of Kūkai (also known as Kōbō-Daishi), a famous Buddhist monk who strongly influenced the development of Buddhism in Japan. The name of the festival comes from his nickname – ‘Odaishi-san’.
During the festival the local residents visit the jizō Buddhist statues and statues of Buddha in 9 temples of the Chiburijima Island.
At each temple the visitors are treated to a feast of local dishes. Many islanders go on this pilgrimage looking forward to the delicious food.
Before eating, please remember to make a small monetary offering to the Buddhist statue at each location.

Date: Each year on 21 March on Lunar Calendar (08:00 – 13:30)
In 2018 on 6 May.
Place: Temples in each area
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