July: Ikkū Shrine Reitai-sai Festival 一宮神社例大祭
From Kurii Port 30 min 4 min No bus service
Ikkū Shrine is the Ichinomiya (highest ranking shrine) of the Chiburijima Island.
The festival takes place at the shrine grounds over two days. On the first day Dōzen Kagura is performed. Afterwards, other performances and kabuki (traditional Japanese form of theater) are performed by children.
There is an interesting story related to the origins of this festival.
According to records a whale washed up on the shore of Chibu Bay around 1765. Shortly after, a disease spread and fires occurred, which was attributed to a curse of said whale. An offertory dance was then performed by young boys from the island to console the deity worshiped in Ikkū Shrine, which is when the festival started.

Late July, every second year (even years)
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