September: Shuuhaira Traditional Dance 十方拝礼
beppu port 5 min 2 min 1 min - -
Shuuhaira, meaning ‘to worship in ten directions’ has been designated as an Important Intangible Folk Cultural Property of Japan.
It is uncertain when these dances began, but according to documents about the religious festivals, it was already being performed by the end of the Muromachi Period (1338 – 1573). The rhythm of the drums and chanting while dancing is very intriguing.
A small sumo tournament is held during the festival inside the shrine grounds.

Date: Mid-September (odd-numbered years)
Location: Mita-hachimangu Shrine, Beppu Area
*A dress rehearsal is held the day before at Chofuku-ji Temple, Otsu Village.
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