Kuniga Shrine (Kuniga-jinja) 国賀神社
beppu port 2 hr 40 min 20 min 30 min Bus Stop: Kuniga
This small shrine was built around 30 years ago by donations from the people of Nishinoshima to ask the Japanese deities to have safe and successful tourism for visitors to the islands - tourism being a main industry in Nishinoshima.
You can walk along the rocky shore near the shrine.
A shrine ceremony is held once a year on 29th April.

Important Information
There are no shops nearby, so make sure you buy some drinks and snacks before visiting this area.
How about having a picnic near the shrine?

Local Bus
The local bus only runs from mid-April until mid-October two times per day. In the summer months, the bus runs four times per day.
Price: 200yen one way

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