Noritabana Coast 海苔田鼻海岸
From Saigō Port - - - Accessible by bus (infrequent) Bus Stop: Nakamura
At the tip of this coast you can see strangely-shaped rocks such as Kabuto-iwa (Helmet Rock) and Yoroi-iwa (Armor Rock). There is a legend that a fallen warrior's helmet and armor turned to stone here.

You can access these rocks by walking the Norita-no-hana Nature Trail, which features rich and diverse vegetation. It is also a good place to observe columnar joints, as the trail passes right by a Columnar Joint Cliff. It takes around 100 minutes from the Nature Trail entrance to reach the Lookout at the end of the coast. Please be aware that the trail is quite steep in some areas.

Important Information
The nearest shops and eating areas are in Nakamura.

Get off at Nakamura and walk about 5 minutes to reach the Nature Trail entrance. Please be aware that bus service is very infrequent. You can pick up a bus timetable at the Tourist Office.

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