Ise-mikoto Shrine 伊勢命神社
From Saigō Port - - 40min No bus service -
This pretty shrine is one of the four main shrines on Oki.

It enshrines an important deity and was listed in the compilation of laws and regulations by the central government in 927, called the Engi-shiki. The deity, Ise-mikoto, is the patron deity of the area (Kumi Area). As part of the annual festival in July, 'Kumi-kagura' Shintō dances are performed on the evening of 25th July (even years) and 26th July (odd years).

The Kumi area contains the largest obsidian mining site in West Japan. The nearby Kumi Coast is composed of white alkaline rhyolite cliffs, which provides a stark contrast to the surrounding scenery of the blue sea and green trees. You can also observe the unusual plant distribution that is peculiar to the Oki Islands.

Important Information
There are no shops or restaurants nearby, so make sure you take food and drink with you. Not accessible by bus.
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