Funabiki Canal 船引運河
beppu port 50 min 20 min 10 min 15 min Bus Stop: Sotohama
This canal was built in 1915 by local people before heavy machinery was available in the Oki Islands.
This 330m long narrow canal cuts through central Nishinoshima joining the inner sea with the outer Sea of Japan.
Before the canal was made the boats had to be laboriously transported overland.
Enjoy walking alongside the small canal and watching fishing boats travel by.
You can walk along Sotohama Beach as well - located next to the canal.
You will travel through this canal if you take a sightseeing boat tour.

Important Information
There are two small grocery stores nearby.
There is also one small cafe which serves lunch, dinner and drinks.
During the summer, the beach shop serves icecream and other snacks.
Entry Fee: Free
Wifi: No
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