Takuhi Shrine 焼火神社
beppu port 2.5 hr 40 min 20 min No local bus service 15 min walk from carpark
Mt. Takuhi is the remains of a volcano.
It is the central pyroclastic cone of the Dozen Caldera and is located right in the middle of the Dozen Islands.
Half-way up this mountain is Takuhi Shrine, which features the oldest shrine building in the Oki Islands, and is designated as Important Cultural Property of Japan.
Since long ago, the deity of this shrine has been worshipped as the deity of maritime safety and the mountain itself has served the function of a landmark leading to the safe inner sea of the Dozen Caldera.
The forest has unique plant life and is a protected environmental area.

Important Information
There are no shops nearby, so make sure you take food and drink with you.
Please be careful of venomous snakes (Japanese pit viper, known as mamushi). They like to sunbathe on the track and in the stone walls during summer and autumn.
Walking Track
15 min one way from carpark to shrine
60 min one way from carpark to summit of Mt. Takuhi

If you are very lucky, you might meet the guardian of the shrine, Mr. Michihito Matsuura.
He may show you around or make you a cup of green tea.
Wifi: Yes (inside shrine office)

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