Chichi-sugi Japanese Cedar 岩倉の乳房杉
From Saigō Port - - 50min No bus service -
This mysterious tree is located close to the peak of Mt. Daimanji (601m). It is 800 years old, 30m tall, 10m in circumference. The tree itself is an ancient shrine dedicated to a maternal deity. The name 'Chichi-sugi' means 'breast Japanese cedar', which is a reference to the unique shape of the tree - it has sprouted many new roots which are dangling down from the branches.

Close-by the tree are two trail entrances to the Mt. Daimanji Peak (around 1 hour one-way, very steep). Around 15 minutes walk up the hill is the entrance to the trail for Washigamine Peak and Byōbu-iwa Rock. Ask for information about these trails at the Okinoshima Tourism Information Office.

Important information
There is no bus to the tree. There closest shops and places to eat are in the Fuse Area at the bottom of the mountain, so make sure you take food and drink with you.

It is possible to hike to the tree via the Araki Mountain Trail. Please see the tourism office for details.
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