Tsutenkyo Arch 通天橋
beppu port 2 hr 40 min 25 min 30 min Bus Stop: Kuniga
This impressive rock arch has been carved by the power of the wind and waves over time.
You can walk along the rocky shore if you are brave!
Most people admire this rock arch from the grass area.
There are some picnic tables and a rest area nearby.
You can follow the hiking track up to see Matengai Cliff from the side (30 min one way) or all the way to the top of the cliff(60 - 80 min one way).
Come here and feel the power of the Earth!

Important Information
There are no shops nearby, so make sure you take food and drink with you.
Do not go close to or touch the cattle on the farmland.

The local bus only runs from mid-April until mid-October two times per day. In the summer months, the bus runs four times per day.
Price: 200yen one way
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