Kuroki-gosho Imperial Residence Site 黒木御所
beppu port 10 min 4 min 2 min -
Historical documents state that Emperor Godaigo was exiled to the Oki Islands.
Local people believe it was to Kuroki-gosho, near Beppu Port.
This historical site is said to be the place where Emperor Godaigo stayed for one year after he was exiled to the Oki Islands in 1332.
This park area is anytime for anyone who wants to visit and learn about history and exile in the Oki Islands.
There are some simple English signboards.
If you climb the stairs to the top of the hill, you will be rewarded with nice views across the inner sea across to Ama Town (Nakanoshima Island) and the Beppu Port area.
There is a small shrine dedicated to the emperor.
At the foot of the hill is Hekifu-kan, a museum containing documents and pictures pertaining to the emperor.


Opening Hours
24 hours/day, 365 days/year

Entry Fee: Free
There is a 300yen entrance fee for the small museum inside the historic grounds. (Payment: Cash Only)
Opening Hours: Anytime
Wifi: No
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