Sekiheki (Red Cliff) 赤壁
From Kurii Port 2 hr 25 min No bus service 5 minute walk from the parking lot
The dramatic red cliffs of Sekiheki, ranging 50-200 m in height, stretch for approximately one kilometer along the west coast of the smallest Dōzen Island, Chiburijima Island. Their stunning bright red tones were created by splashes of hot lava that were ejected from the volcano at high speed. The lava turned red when the iron content oxidized upon contacting the air. A white intrusive dike also cuts across the center of the cliff. It's no wonder that Sekiheki was designated as a Japanese national monument in 1935. It truly makes for an impressive sight.

The view of the cliffs from the sightseeing boat is highly recommended. (Booking necessary, by 12:00 noon, one day in advance)

Important Information
There are no shops nearby, so make sure you take food and drink with you.
There is mobile phone coverage on this island but none around Sekiheki.
Please do not approach the cattle or horses, or frighten the animals.

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