Kuniga Coast 国賀海岸
beppu port 2 hr 40 min 25 min Bus Stop: Kuniga
Kuniga Coast is the name given to the 13km coastline that stretches along the western-side of Nishinoshima Island.
This coastline is included in the Daisen-Oki National Park land, so strict rules are in place regarding the use to the land and sea.

The massive sea-eroded cliffs and strangely-shaped rocks of the Kuniga Coast are an unforgettable must-see location of the Oki Islands.
This dynamic landscape includes such sites as Tsutenyko, a large rock arch coloured with dramatic red, white and grey rock which contrasts against the aquamarine sea, and the astonishing Matengai, a sea cliff which stands at a lofty 257m.
This spectacular rugged coastline is softened by pastoral vistas of cattle and horses which graze peacefully upon the mountaintops.

You can enjoy the breathtaking views from the top of Matengai Cliff and at the bottom at Tsutenkyo Arch, or hike the 2.3km walking track all the way from the top to the bottom.

Important Information
There are no shops or restaurants along the Kuniga Coast, so please buy food and drink in town before coming out to experience the coast.

You can take the local bus to Kuniga Bus Stop every day between mid-April and mid-October, however there are only two services each day. There are four services in the summer months.
Price: 200yen one way
It is more convenient to rent a bicycle, rent a car or use a taxi.
You can walk back from Kuniga Bus Stop to Urago and catch the local bus from there back to Beppu Port.

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