Welcome to the Oki Islands!
These islands located in the Sea of Japan are an ideal place to get away from the hustle and bustle of mainland Japan and relax in nature. Peaceful walks in deep forests or along dramatic coastlines leading to incredible rock formations are what many visitors love about this place. The plant-life on the islands is also of continual interest as climate and isolation from the mainland Japan has fostered a unique combination of warm-temperate and cool-temperate species. There are many outdoor activities on offer such as sea kayaking, scuba diving, snorkeling, fishing, and ecotours, all led by local people who are very welcoming and keen to share their part of the world with visitors. Sample some island seafood delicacies, see the horses and cows on Kuniga Coast, take a cruise to Candle Rock, join a local festival, cycle around a fishing village, relax by the beach, or enjoy a sunset…A visit to these remote islands is bound to be an unforgettable experience.


There are tourist information offices on each island. The staff here will do their best to help you, but some islands do not have many English speakers. We recommend that you make bookings (by email - English/Japanese or by phone - Japanese) before you head out to Oki. There are a limited number of places to stay, taxis, rent-a-cars etc. Public transport is not so efficient in rural Japan. If you like cycling or walking long distances then Oki is a good place to visit!

Please email the tourism office for assistance reserving accommodation, transport and so on.

Oki Islands Tourism Association
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Shara-bune (Spirit Boats) take the ancestors back to the spirit world following the Obon festival. If you’re lucky you may see this tradition or one of the many other unique festivals of the Oki Islands during your visit. Check out the "Festivals" category for more information!

We can’t get enough of the fresh seafood in Oki! See if you can spot some squid, fish or seaweed hanging out to dry or spinning on a special drying machine. Check out the "Local Cuisine" category for more information!
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Watch a curtain of water fall before you and sample the “winning water”, or fill up your bottle at one of the fresh water springs. Check out the "Sightseeing" category for more information!

Fishing is an important way of life on these isolated islands. Take a walk around the villages where you might meet a local fisherman! Twinkling boat lights can often be seen on the sea at night.
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Horses and cows have right of way on the hilly mountain roads around the Dozen Islands. Check out the "Sightseeing" category for more information!
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